April 2016

Kitty Brew Important Dates

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Important Milestones 2014: Began trap, neuter, release program March 28th, 2016: 150th cat captured in personal TNR program May, 2015: Began fostering and bottle feeding May 31st, 2015: Assisted in a cat hoarder project with over 70 cats at-risk Sept, 2015: Secured Kitty Brew partnerships Nov 9th, 2015: 100th cat captured in personal TNR

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February 2016

What is a Cat Cafe?

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Cat cafes are have been around since 1998. The first one to open its doors is located in Taiwan. Cat cafes gained popularity pretty quickly, spreading to other countries like Japan, China, Australia, England, and Canada. The first cat cafe in the United States, Cat Town Cafe opened in Oakland in 2014. Since then, cat

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